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There are other new mom group and toddler groups out there.
How are GRASP groups different?

GRASP group is unique for several reasons. - We have 2 specialized experts facilitating the groups. Alison Kramme, is a licensed clinical professional counselor in private practice & has extensive experience in individual and couples’ therapy. She often works with mothers and couples in their transition to parenthood. Sara is a trained Child Development Specialist with extensive knowledge on child development, child/parent relationships and best practices for fostering social /emotional growth in your child’s early years. No other groups offer this wide range of expertise regarding both you as an individual and your child at your fingertips each week.

- We meet for 6 weeks. This is a longer time than most other groups and it is done to intentionally allow for more time for moms to know each other, more time for discussion on topics that matter to you and sets a great foundation for moms to foster friendships after group ends.

- We also have the honor of hosting our group out of one of the top play spaces in Chicago – Little Beans Cafe each week. This is the ultimate play space with delicious, whole some food, great coffee, bright beautiful play areas and a comfortable place for you to kick back and relax either before or after group.

- Email Access – Sara and Alison are available to you via email for question and concerns throughout the 6 weeks of your group. Many moms find this a wonderful resource and a nice reassurance to have someone available who knows them and their child when they need it.

- Because Alison and Sara do private work in addition to groups, moms like knowing that if they should ever need additional services at a later date, that they will be able to contact us regarding an issue with their child or a personal challenge they are facing.

- We also have a unique topic based structure that offers topics each week such as Returning to Work or Infant soothing that makes the group a true source of information and relevance to your life as a mom.

Can I bring my baby?

Yes! We encourage you to bring your baby. Moms are able to nurse, soothe and interact with baby in the privacy of our individual space at Little Beans.

What if my baby cries?
No worries! All babies cry, and to be honest, the cry is probably more noticeable to you than to anyone else. We want moms to feel comfortable and be able to walk around the room with their baby, soothe their baby, nurse their babies, etc. We can even discuss ways to help calm baby.

I am joining the toddler group; can I bring my new baby?
Yes! For an additional fee, your toddler will enjoy supervised care by a Little Beans Bean Buddy while you and your infant attend group.

I am not a first time mom; can I still join the New Mom Group?
Of course! We understand that sometimes, as moms, we experience transition differently and as each child is born at a different time in our lives, we experience that change differently. For this reason, our New Mom groups are open to both first time and non-first time moms.

May I attend group w/o my baby or toddler?
Absolutely! We do have moms that due to other child care arrangements, work schedules etc., attend group sans children. We welcome you and whatever arrangements work to allow you to make your group.

Who attends our groups?
Moms like you! Moms with a new baby, a newly independent toddler, moms from suburbs and the city. Moms who are returning to work, moms who are still deciding about work and moms who will be staying at home. We serve moms who are handling the transition to motherhood or to being a mom of a toddler. Our moms are looking to connect with other moms and are interested in acquiring researched based information. We also serve moms who are finding their current time as a mom a bit of a challenge or different than what they anticipated. Through our personal approach, and small group atmosphere we find that wherever moms are at, we are able to offer the benefits of connections, information and good listening in a non-judgmental environment.

Do you have discounts for NPN, BCB VIP’s and On the Go members?
Yes! Look at the websites for any of these groups to find your discount and contact us with your group number/name.

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